Slowly night and 90’s R&B

I am 22 years old.

So Be Selfish.

Umm no.

It’s 3am at work.
These 2 UCLA football players tryna holla right now?

I’m tired. Go to sleep -___-

You know, when someone comes into your life and starts becoming a part of you daily routine. And you’re slowly losing yourself. And one becomes two.
And you start accommodating your time to that person’s time, adjusting your schedule, bending this and that— All because you care, unselfishly, for us/ that person.

And then you realize the changes in you, and lose track of what is right, wrong or medium (for you). And maybe even lose track of your identify, dreams or desires.

Is there a middle ground.
Is being selfish good or bad?

Take me back
Give it up, give it up to me
Cause I can’t go on
If your love isn’t strong
See I wanna know
Give me, give me all your love
If you can’t hold on
Then baby, baby don’t save me now

Flip flop

Optimism, a great thing I admired and cherished.
I now fear optimism due to life experiences and repetitive unflattering events.

Even though I’m ‘happy’, I am not.
It’s hard not being in control of one’s own emotions.


You know, when things are going really well but you are still not completely happy because they are going too well that you expect something shitty is gonna happen and ruin your perfect happy things.